APEX Leadership Academy Presenters are subject matter experts and veteran business practitioners who bring real-world experiences and practical insights to every session. Whether you are planning a Conference, Employee Training or Weekend Workshop, our well-prepared, passionate and innovative professionals are qualified educators who understand your business needs. Delivering high quality and interactive presentations, our Presenters will challenge participant philosophies, strengthen their emotions and help them in taking needed steps to change their personal behaviors, all in an effort to transform their lives and their career.

Choose a course that we offer or suggest a customized training by providing us with a date for your training, your budget and your expected outcome.


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Workforce Development Trainings

Human Resource departments are inundated with turnover and retention issues yet are responsible for educational workshops that keep employees current and progressive. Call us to discuss one of our current workshops or for assistance in designing a customized training.

Leadership Development

Our trainers respond to professional organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals assuming new roles with unfamiliar responsibilities, who want customized trainings as part of their commitment to professional development.


APEX Leadership Academy presenters are subject matter experts, qualified to present workshops at your conference, serve on a panel discussion or as the keynote speaker. Contact us for more information, including dates and the location of your event.