Despite the tendency for some senior managers to minimize the value of soft skills, APEX Leadership Courses have been designed to deliver high quality workshops that are just as important as the required technical skills. As many HR Directors have attested, individuals who do not understand the impact of Time Management, Team Work, Listening, Self-Awareness, or Conflict Resolution in the workplace, won’t be very effective in helping to move an organization forward. As a result of this perspective, our courses are formatted based on the “Hear, Say and Do” concept, which maximizes learning and increases retention of the information.

Our courses are moderately priced and we encourage you to browse our offerings for start dates that meet your needs. Should you want a course that is currently not offered, visit our Contact Us page and provide us with the course title and anticipated issues to be addressed.

APEX Leadership Academy courses are specifically designed for busy people who want to get ahead but often find themselves short on time. Therefore, we have created courses that are current and appropriate for today’s workforce, including the following benefits;

  • Self-paced Courses
  • Relevant Curriculum
  • Short-Course duration
  • Flexible online environment

In an effort to better meet organizational goals, feedback is provided to all participants from a subject matter expert in our online environment and in our face-to-face sessions, other participants who also share the learning experience offer their perspectives on participant presentations.

The Process of Personal Leadership

The Process of Personal Leadership course provides powerful insights and tools to help participants gain mastery over their values, purpose, beliefs, and mindsets in an effort to operate at their best.

Goal Setting for Career Advancement

Unlike so many programs that simply work to establish a list of tasks, this course will assist participants in establishing goals that assist in moving your career forward.

The Art of Emotional Intelligence

In an effort to manage constant challenges from customers, family, friends and business associates, Emotional Intelligence is increasingly becoming a critical skill set.

The Business Case For Diversity & Inclusion

Critical to mission accomplishment, participants will learn concepts that allow them to explore their own unconscious biases and how behaviors are manifested from these preferences.

Understanding Your Personality For Maximum Productivity

Gain an Increased understanding of yourself and others as you work to experience a universal language that accelerates problem solving, increases trust, and reduces conflict.

Presentations & Public Speaking

This course will identify, develop and enhance participant’s public speaking style and turn even the driest, most mundane information into a dynamic, compelling conversation.

Productivity & Time Management

This course was designed to help people plan each day, prioritize tasks, say “no” to nonessential tasks, delegate more effectively, and manage multiple priorities and tasks more efficiently.

Mastering The Employee To Manager Transition

This workshop will prepare you for the roles you are expected to master as a coach, delegator, project manager, motivator and disciplinarianwhile managing your own career.

Maximizing The Entrepreneur To Employee Process

Course participants will learn to best provide high productivity utilizing their abilities as a self-starter and innovative thinker.

Building & Maintaining Successful Work Teams

This workshop helps team members and managers to analyze daily activities, set specific goals, and choose the right people.